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Live Younger
Our doctor developed
program will empower you to turn back your age

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Live Younger
Our doctor developed program will empower you to turn back your age

No Credit Card Required

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susie s

The Great Age Reboot program has been a real game-changer. The APP has provided me with a daily dose of scientifically backed information that satisfies my intellectual curiosity and allows me to make attainable behavior changes.

Susie S.
Washington D.C.
sarah m

Overall the app is supporting my lifestyle changes which makes me feel healthier and happier. The health library lets me look up credible content allowing me to make informed decisions to better manage my health.

Sarah M.
Atlanta, GA
gerry s

At age 61, I have dropped 15 lbs. by focusing not only on what I eat but when I eat, resulting in lowering my A1C, and achieving a normal range for LDL & HDL metrics after 3 months.

Gerry S.
San Diego, CA
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At 90 you can feel like 40

When your parents or grandparents were born, their life expectancy was likely around 52 years of age. Today, men and women are celebrating their birthdays well into their 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

With remarkable scientific learnings and very promising near-term medical breakthroughs, people will have more time to do the things they love, and be with the people they love.


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Enjoy the scientific benefits

of the Great Age Reboot

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Increased Memory

By following the App your muscles will turn on a gene that produces Irisin, which causes growth of your brain's memory center
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Gene Enhancement

Doing 4 physical activities in the App makes you the equivalent of more than 8 years younger due to the gene changes your activity changes
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Longer Life

You control over 80% of how long and well you live with your choices. Just having a posse, a passion and play can make you live over 30 years younger
Meet our Scientific Advisory Board
Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D.

Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D. is emeritus chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, founder of Great Age Reboot, Inc. and the Great Age Reboot program.

“My life’s work is understanding the aging process and translating it into healthy actions people can live by every day. Please join us to help you to reboot your age.”

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dr. mike roizen and great age reboot book
great age reboot book

The Great Age Reboot app brings to life the tips, research, and recommendations found in The Great Age Reboot book.

The authors of The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow, Michael Roizen, M.D., Peter Linneman, and Albert Ratner explain why people need to make daily choices now that will turn back the clock so they can do what they love, longer.

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