New Longevity App Turns Back the Clock– REBOOT YOUR AGE Lets You Do What You Love for Longer

The Creator of RealAge Partners with World-Class Tech Pioneers to Develop New Science-Based Longevity Platform

CLEVELANDGreat Age Reboot, Inc., a new digital health company, today announced the launch of its doctor-approved lifestyle program and app, Reboot Your Age. The new app informs and inspires users to build healthy habits that make their physiological age younger than their calendar age. Led by founder Michael Roizen, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus at the Cleveland Clinic and creator of the best-selling RealAge books and concept, the Great Age Reboot team has analyzed more than 50,000 scientific studies, and counting, to generate the guidance and algorithms that power the Reboot Your Age program. The app guides users through their own personalized Reboot journey using intriguing content (such as short videos and articles), compelling gamification features (including brain games, leaderboards, and quizzes), and fun activities that promote healthy habit-building.

“It’s my life’s mission to help people reboot their ages, so they have the ability to do what they love for longer,” said Michael Roizen, M.D., Founder of Great Age Reboot, Inc. “There are 14 areas of medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries that have a substantial chance of becoming reality in the next 10 years, and these advancements will extend disability-free life spans by as much as 30 years. Ninety is likely to be the new 40. We must start living younger now. Adopting healthy habits in the areas of nutrition and dietary supplements, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and brain health is critical to making your biological age younger than your calendar age. With the Reboot Your Age program and app, you will start forging these healthy habits today.”

The Reboot Platform

The Reboot Your Age app is one component of the Reboot Platform, which also includes the Reboot Physician Portal, the secure data cloud, and the algorithms based on extensive scientific data and findings from the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. The Reboot Physician Portal gives participating physicians a powerful yet efficient tool to monitor and direct their patients’ progress. Reboot users can initiate the program through their physician, or find a practitioner on the Great Age Reboot website.

“The underlying Reboot Platform that powers the Reboot Your Age app is built on extensive and rigorous scientific data. This data makes all the difference. It shows that the most effective way to improve your longevity is through a holistic approach,” stated Corey Bridges, General Manager of Great Age Reboot, Inc. “So while many programs and apps help their users hone a single aspect of their health—like nutrition or physical activity—our approach inspires and guides people to make lifestyle changes across many aspects of their lives. But always at a measured pace, guided by the latest science around habit-building.”

Along with the Reboot Your Age app, users can reference Dr. Roizen’s new book, “The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow.” This companion guide, co-authored with Peter Linneman, Ph.D. and Albert Ratner, offers an inspiring look at the future of longevity.

The Reboot Your Age app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Subscriptions cost $34.99 per month or $299.99 annually, and Reboot users can get started with a free 10-day trial. As a part of the sign-up process, each user will experience a 30-minute personalized Reboot introduction from a Great Age Reboot specialist.

Founding Team

The company’s founding team includes Corey Bridges, a Silicon Valley veteran, who serves as Great Age Reboot’s General Manager. Previously, Bridges co-founded LifeMap Solutions, Inc., a mobile health company that built digital health solutions to enable care teams and patients to achieve better health outcomes at lower cost. LifeMap Solutions was acquired in 2017 by Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Over the past 30 years, Bridges has overseen the market introductions of several disruptive technology companies, including Zone Labs and The Multiverse Network. He was a founding team member of Netflix, launching the company. A pre-IPO employee at Netscape, he product-managed the company’s flagship browser.

Rafhael Cedeno leads product development as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product. Previously, he was the Vice President of Product Development at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine and the CTO of LifeMap Solutions, whose IP enabled the $1B market introduction of Sema4. Prior to that, Cedeno served as Vice President of Game Development at Viacom, where he was responsible for overseeing the growth of numerous top-charting games. Earlier in his career, Cedeno worked at McKinley Group, Netscape, and several high-tech companies he co-founded.

Patrick Cox, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, has written for multiple publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Forbes. His focus is on innovations in biogerontology and their current and future impacts on demographics, economics, finance, and culture. He is the author of The Fountains of Youth and is the first person to see his own completely rejuvenated heart muscle cells (via induced pluripotent stem cell technology) beating in a Petri dish.

To learn more about the Reboot Your Age program and app, please visit www.greatagereboot.com.

About Great Age Reboot, Inc.
Great Age Reboot, Inc. informs people about the medical advancements that will allow them to live longer and inspires them to prepare physically and mentally for more years of life. The company was founded by Michael Roizen, M.D., Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. Using extensive and rigorous scientific data, the company built the Reboot Platform, which powers Reboot Your Age, a longevity program and app to guide users on a personalized journey to reclaim their prime years. To learn more, please visit www.greatagereboot.com and follow @GreatAgeReboot on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. 


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