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Track a Patient’s Progress

Reboot Your Age app connects physicians with patients, so care teams can track a patient’s progress to identify positive lifestyle changes. We all need motivation in our lives, especially when we’re creating new healthy habits!

Physicians and their care teams are supported by the Great Age Reboot team and receive personalized onboarding to Reboot and their Physician Portal. 

There’s no cost for physicians to start using the Reboot program with their patients. In fact, Great Age Reboot brings value to your practice through our education and marketing programs. 

Interested in learning more about Reboot for your practice? Contact our business development team at sales@greatagereboot.com.

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Benefits of Reboot for Clinical Practices

You’ll help your patients live healthier lives now and in the future!

Reboot guides and motivates your patients to live younger and to follow your guidance even more closely. Through the Reboot program and with your oversight, we’ll increase your patients’ quality of life. 

The WOW factor of longevity 

With Reboot, your practice can deliver expert guidance in the field patients are talking about the most: longevity. Reboot puts the latest scientific findings about longevity at your fingertips. 

As a participating Reboot Physician, you’ll receive regular scientific updates, and you can always ask questions of Dr. Mike, the Reboot team, and our Scientific Advisory Board.

You’ll create stronger patient relationships

Your Reboot patients will be more engaged in their health, connecting with you more often for your guidance and expert opinion.

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