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The Science

Reboot Reviews

Only health topics and longevity recommendations that are backed by gold standard research are featured in the Reboot Your Age program. Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of medical professionals and researchers analyze the leading longevity science, and distill it into scientific papers we call Reboot Reviews. This scientific information powers the content and algorithms that drive the Reboot program. 

Dr. Mike and our SAB actively monitor 14 cutting-edge fields of scientific research and medical advances as predictors of longevity.

If you’re a Reboot user—yay!  You can use your login to read our Reboot Reviews—these are the long-form scientific articles about longevity and healthy aging. It’s ok, go ahead and nerd out like we do!

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14 hot areas of exponentially increasing research
Dr. Mike’s Podcast

YOU: The Owner’s Manual Podcast

Dr. Mike hosts You: The Owner’s Manual podcast, produced by RadioMD. His podcast features two weekly shows that deliver medical news, everyday health tips, and insights from the nation’s leading health practitioners.

Healthy Cooking

In the Kitchen with Dr. Mike and Chef Jim

Food is like a relationship. You should only eat foods that you love and that love you back! If you need a little inspiration, join Dr. Mike and Chef Jim as they cook up relationship-friendly foods.

Episode 1 – Quinoa Ragout with Ramps

Episode 2 – Chocolate Chunk and Nut Chewies

Longevity Science + Advancements

The Great Age Reboot Blog

Read the latest longevity science and medical advancements through the lens of Dr. Mike, Patrick Cox, Ph.D, and our Scientific Advisory Board.

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Exercise “Snacks” Increase Muscle Mass

Researchers from the University of Toronto report on the incorporation of amino acids into muscle. Translation: muscle building with short Read More

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Exercise Amplifies Preventive Effect of Vaccinations 

In the Great Age Reboot book, we present the data that taking a multivitamin /multimineral, and sleeping 7+ hours before getting a Read More

Couple meditating and reducing stress
Another Study Shows that You Can Cut Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Inflammaging—The role of an anti-inflammatory routinely taken 

A new study examining thousands of patients who suffer from a particularly crippling form of arthritis, and take a certain Read More

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New Evidence that an Ancient Folk Medicine is the Most Powerful and Inexpensive Way to Prevent Dementia

A newly-published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology confirms the anti-aging benefits of an inexpensive treatment first recommended by Read More

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New Study of Chocolate and Brain Health Reveals Surprising and Great News, But Not About Chocolate

Most of us would love to hear that our favorite foods have medicinal qualities. So it’s not surprising that studies Read More

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