Find a Practitioner

Find a Practitioner

Connect with a Health Care Practitioner

A powerful feature of the Reboot Your Age app is connection between a physician and their patient. The Reboot Your Age program encourages health care practitioner oversight to monitor their patients’ progress.

The Reboot upgrade connects you with our partner, ReviveHealth, a leading virtual health care and medication service provider, to match you with a Nurse Practitioner. By having healthcare at your fingertips, you can stay on top of your wellness goals!

Your ReviveHealth Nurse Practitioner will provide support at every step in your Reboot Your Age journey.

To get started: 

  1. Download the Reboot Your Age app in the Apple® App or Google® Play stores.
  2. Subscribe to the Reboot Your Age program—monthly or yearly. 
  3. Once you become a subscriber, upgrade your subscription to the ReviveHealth plan (additional fees apply) by registering with ReviveHealth at https://www.revive.health/great-age-reboot/
    You’ll be leaving the Great Age Reboot website to our ReviveHealth partner’s website.

    The ReviveHealth team will walk you through the upgrade program to connect you with a ReviveHealth Nurse Practitioner.

About ReviveHealth

ReviveHealth provides easy, convenient, and affordable access to quality health care and medications. You’ll access your Member Portal to schedule virtual Nurse Practitioner appointments and transfer or refill prescription medications. ReviveHealth members do not pay out of pocket costs for care visits or the costs for over 425 generic medications, which are delivered to your home for free.