Exercise Amplifies Preventive Effect of Vaccinations 

In the Great Age Reboot book, we present the data that taking a multivitamin /multimineral, and sleeping 7+ hours before getting a flu or pneumococcal vaccination, improves your outcomes, based on your body’s antibody response and prevention of disease. But we did not list another important lifestyle choice that improves vaccine effectiveness. Doing moderate physical activity has shown to improve both influenza and COVID vaccination success rates. (1, 2)

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, following  almost 200,000 men and women in South Africa, found coronavirus vaccination effectively prevented severe illness in most. But it worked best in people who exercised regularly.  According to the study, participants “wound up about 25% less likely to be hospitalized with COVID than sedentary people.” 

Pre-Vaccine Checklist

Just like a pre-game checklist helps make sure the upcoming event has everything in place for maximum success, your Pre-Vaccine Checklist will help set you up for the optimal results. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Plan the date for your vaccinations, with a 7-day lead time in mind, if possible
  • Make sure to get your 10K steps a day for at least seven days prior to vaccination
  • Be consistent taking a multivitamin for at least seven days  ahead of your vaccination appointment
  • Get 7.5 hours of sleep each night at least three days beforehand

If you’re using the Reboot Your Age app, we know that you’re already well-versed on how making these healthy lifestyle choices helps you live younger, for longer! With this latest finding, you know your choices will also set you up for optimum outcomes with your pneumonia, flu, and COVID vaccinations. And now you can help pass this along to your friends and family, too, so they can get the best outcomes just like you. 

And remember, the six key pillars that will keep you physiologically younger, longer, (Goal 1 of the Great Age Reboot book and Reboot Your Age app) and help you get to the “6 Normals + 2” of the Program, are: 

  • Stress management
  • Making Healthy Food Choices—portion sizing and timing
  • Doing the Four Components of Physical Activity
  • Avoiding Unforced Errors
  • Getting 6.5 to 8 .5 hours of sleep nightly and making healthy brain choices (see below)

Taking the right proven supplements and small molecules shown to increase healthy longevity—like a multi(See the Reboot Your Age Library in the app, or Newsletter volume 2 in this series)

What else can you do to feel that your health is better than your peers (we’ll show a study on this in an upcoming Newsletter)? The science shows that making the following changes can result in a marked improvement in your future younger, longer life: 


  • A walk after dinner and less TV time—new studies show that even 2 minutes of walking after a meal can improve your blood glucose levels, and less TV means a less sedentary lifestyle
  • Smell 4 different aromas/fragrances/smells a day—this helps boost your brain health
  • Add vitamin D, omega-3 (you get both from 4 ounces of salmon a day), and half a multivitamin-multimineral twice a day to your routine 
  • Walk 10K steps a day and make Resistance Exercises a part of your strength-boosting regimen for a younger, stronger you
  • Make Intermittent Fasting your normal eating habit

Make Choices That Love You Back:

  • Avoid midlife obesity and midlife hypertension
  • Stop smoking
  • Keep learning—the pro-education choice
  • Diabetes is a life-shortener—make changes to your diet to quash diabetes
  • Hearing loss is serious—avoid activities that damage your hearing, and get help when you find your hearing is waning   
  • Get your LDL—lousy cholesterol—into a normal range

With these changes and more that you’ll find in the Reboot Your Age app, you’ll radically reduce your risk for dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.   

We’re building a healthy lifestyle program every week in our newsletter articles. Take a look at these simple at-home exercise you can do to start building strength to live younger for longer:

Table S1 Description of the home-based physical exercise program and the control exercise

SHEP (Strength exercise)Control exercise (Flexibility exercise)
1. Sit-to-stand (quadriceps /hip extension strength training)
2. One-leg stance (hip muscles strength training plus static balance training)
3. Pull Backs against elastic resistance (seated position)
4. External shoulder rotation against elastic resistance (seated position)
5. Steps
1. Hip and knee mobility (seated position) 
2. Hip mobility (standing position) 
3. Trunk and chest mobility (seated position) 
4. Shoulder mobility (seated position) 
5. Ankle mobility (standing position)

The 33 choices that have at least two studies in humans that indicate that choice prevents cognitive dysfunction as we age:

Preventing brain dysfunction slide


  1. Pascoe AR, Fiatarone Singh MA, Edwards KM. The effects of exercise on vaccination responses: a review of chronic and acute exercise interventions in humans. Brain Behav Immun 2014;39:33–41;  Edwards KM, Booy R. Effects of exercise on vaccine-induced immune responses. Hum Vaccin Immunother 2013;9:907–10.
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