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Turn Back Your Age

Great Age Reboot is a new doctor-approved program easily accessed on your smartphone to help you live younger for longer. 

According to research, when you make meaningful daily choices about sleep, stress, physician activity, diet, and brain health, your physiological age becomes younger than your calendar age.

That’s right. You can turn back your physiological age, so it’s younger than your actual chronological age! Now, that’s something to celebrate!

It only takes minutes
each day

The Great Age Reboot program is a journey. We curate the articles, quizzes, games, videos, and other cool facts, so you can make your own personalized choices every day. 

Spend minutes in the Reboot app each day to learn a new way to stay younger for longer.

You’ll be able to easily track your: 

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Meditation sessions
  • Supplement and medication use
  • Brain health games
  • And so much more! 

great age reboot 5 pillars

How To Use the App

Your Reboot starts simply, to give you the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

Every day we’ll give you at least one new thing to do in the app, like watch a video, perform an action, or read a short article. 

On Day 1, you’ll meet Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D. and explore the Reboot app. 

Once you’ve completed the day’s activities and lessons, your Reboot app will automatically refresh the next day, so you can keep moving forward toward a younger you.

The more you use the app, the more it personalizes your Reboot journey. 

Explore the Great Age Reboot App

Daily Lessons

You’ll find a new set of daily lessons on your Today page. You’ll learn about longevity and ways you can feel vibrantly younger.

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great age reboot app screen dr. mike video


Reading an article, watching a video from Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D. , or taking a brief quiz are featured in your Daily Lessons.

Your Choices Count

The Great Age Reboot app serves up daily challenges and goals, so you can create healthy habits that last.

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Easily see your progress and the habits you’re building during your Reboot journey.

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