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We are a team of Doctors, PHD’s, Writers, and passionate developers that have teamed up to build The Great Age Reboot. Living our lives younger for longer has become our mantra and as grandparents, parents, and children we all want the same thing to spend quality time together for much longer.

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Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D.

Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D.

Dr. Mike Roizen, M.D. has more than 40 years of experience as a medical doctor—certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. He is the Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, is a professor at the Lerner College of Medicine of the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University, and developed the RealAge concept to motivate behavior change.

Under his direction, the Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Programs helped more than 43 percent of hospital employees improve their health. This resulted in the hospital system avoiding more than $1B in healthcare costs for employees and their dependents (compared to national averages), and employees saving more than $250 million in premiums. By leveraging Dr. Roizen's 6 Normals + 2® method, wellness participants reduced their rate of aging and time of disability onset and decreased their sick time by more than 30 percent.


The Great Age Reboot was created based on more than 50,000 studies that investigate the effects of


The group meets to review the papers created by the researchers every 2 weeks and each individual votes on the use of the proven research.

Prior to launching the group spent more than two years debating these studies to identify the pillars of the Reboot Your Age program—diet, physical activity, stress, sleep, and brain health.

The SAB's team is constantly working on reviewing new research as it is published

Julian Bailes, Jr. MD

Julian Bailes, Jr. M.D.

  • Chairman of the Dept. of Neurosurgery, North Shore University Health System
  • Co-Director, NorthShore Neurological Institute, NorthShore University Health System
  • Discoverer of CTE
Rob Colton, MD

Rob Colton, M.D.

  • Founder, MDVIP
  • Chairman, ClearlyDerm
  • Advisory Board, Florida Atlantic University Medical School
  • Member, FAU School of Social Work
Nicola Finley

Nicola Finley, M.D.

  • Staff Physician and Educator, Canyon Ranch, 2013-2021
  • Primary care physician for underserved communities
  • Adjuct faculty, University of Arizona
Andrea Klemes

Andrea Klemes, DO, FACE

  • Chief medical officer of MDVIP
  • Over 30 years of clinical experience as a practicing physician
  • Previously specialized in in personal healthcare, women’s health, and digestive wellness
Lou Malinow, MD

Lou Malinow, M.D.

  • Director of Education and Clinical Excellence, MDVIP
  • Scienctific Advisor, Persona
  • Top Doctor, Baltimore Magazine
Larry May, MD

Larry May, M.D.

  • Founder, UCLA Center for Health Enhancement Education and Research (CHEER)
  • Author, Primary Care Medicine
  • Chairman, Advisory Board, Signature MD
Harry Oken, MD

Harry Oken, M.D.

  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland
  • Medical Director, Columbia Association
  • Author, BOOM! Back to Good Health
Usha Satish

Usha Satish, Ph.D.

  • Professor at SUNY, Dept. of Psychiatry, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY
  • Has held visiting professorships at Stanford and Jönköping Academy

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